About Organic Impression

Organic Impression is a narrative line that tells a story about an ongoing journey of growth through self-discovery, the awakening of an awareness of the world around me, a voyage of color, vibrancy, and passion, and a tribute to my parents and grandparents that all moved me down this path in various ways.  Taking pictures of flowers is a way for me to show my appreciation for the world around me. It is also a chance for me to experience and reconnect with the earth. Before I started taking pictures I never noticed the intricacies of the patterns on certain leaves, the striations on different flower petals, or the natural color palettes mixed within a flower that are simply innate. By taking pictures I actually started to “see” the world around me. Once I changed my perspective I was able to change my perception—and it has been life changing. My goal is to show you something you have never seen before.

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Our pictures

Our images are not digitally altered in any way to enhance their natural beauty. People often wonder if my pictures are paintings or digitally enhanced because the colors are surreal. I take this as the highest compliment! My goal is to make something real look unbelievably perfect without any enhancement.

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Our Products

We specialize in producing products that focus on the beauty and uniqueness of the image. Using the picture as our inspiration we incorporate top quality products such as bright-coated silk cover paper with a silk finish for our greeting cards, vibrant Astrobright envelopes from Neenah Paper, and a wide variety of fine art photography papers. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest possible combination of quality products.


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Our Flowers

I traveled the world not necessarily looking for inspiration, but definitely seeking it subconsciously, and found it in Holland in the Spring. Seeing field after field of pink, yellow, and purple inspired me to not only capture these images but to share them with others.

I have been surprised by the variety of emotional responses that my pictures evoke in people. Even though they are just pictures of flowers, they spark memories of joy, sadness, important moments—and some people have been moved to tears because of these memories. It is a humbling experience and I am grateful that I can make people feel; even if it is just a picture of a flower.